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What a fun night we had at 
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland's Championship show for 2010 on the 11th December.
This finishes of 2010 with our youngsters placing in the championship show under
Breed Specialist Judge Dr. A Bryden - Gantocks (UK)
Taino Cherokee Charlie placed 4th and his sister Taino Butterfly Dreamer placed 5th.
Leon and I are looking forward to campaining these two youngsters in 2011.

Lockyer Valley Kennel club Inc.
 Championship Show Friday 26th November & Saturday 27th November

A Lovely night for showing......great company and Team Taino showed themselves like little champions, even though the shadows were very scarey for the youngsters.

Friday Night Veronica - Taino Butterfly Dreamer - won Minor Puppy Bitch in Group under Judge Mrs J Croad (Qld).
Saturday evening Pumba - Taino Cherokee Charlie - took out Puppy Dog in Group under Judge Mrs L Endean (Qld) and we are very proud of our girls
Taino Butterfly Dreamer, Taino Wind Dancer and Taino Kicking Bird for winning their classes.


Caboolture Kennel Club
Two Championship Shows Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st Novemeber

Sunday under judge Mrs Janet Wall our young boy Taino Cherokee Charlie - Pumba - was awarded Reserve Dog Challenge.

The Nanango and District All Breeds Kennel Club
Championship Show 24th & 25th September

Taino Cherokee Charlie - Pumba - had a great day under Judge Mr K Hodge taking Minor Puppy of Bred then going on to win Minor Puppy In Group.......just the beginning Mr Pumba.

11th September Open Show
12th & 13th September Championship Shows

Breed specialist Judges all weekend.

We are so very proud of our newest and youngest member of our Show Team,

Taino Butterfly Dreamer - Veronica.

Veronica showed herself like a true young lady that she is,
over the weekend Veronica acheived:

Open Show on the Friday under Judge Mrs Simone Steele 3rd place in Mionor Puppy Bitch
Saturday at the Championship Show under Judge Mrs Karon Jackson (UK) Jackabyte SBT,
winning Minor Puppy Bitch and Opposite Minor Puppy In Show
Sunday placing 2nd in her class under Judge Mr John Farley (UK) - Homafar SBT

We look forward to the future that this young lady has in the Show ring.

Championship Show 1st May

Breed Specialist Judge
Mrs M Coetzer - Zeracious SBT - South Africa

Team Taino had a fantastic day in the show ring.

Taino Hawkeye - Israel - 3rd in Puppy Dog
Ch Taino Painted Chief - Barney - 5th in Open Dog
Taino Wind Dancer - Jaspa - 2nd in Puppy Bitch
Ch Taino Dancing Butterfly - Opal - 3rd in Intermediate Bitch

20th Championship Show, 10th & 11th April

Saturday 10th
Taino Hawkeye - Israel - placed 3rd in the Minor Puppy Dog class and his sister Taino Wind Dancer - Jaspa - placed 4th in her Minor Puppy Bitch class of 14 under Judge: Mrs Elain Norton (UK) - Tikkurilan SBT.
Sunday 11th
The two youngsters at Taino had another great day in the show ring with Jaspa placing 5th in her Minor Puppy Bitch class of 13. Israel had a super day winning his Minor Puppy Dog class/Opposite Minor Puppy In Show under Judge: Mr Tec Norton (UK) - Tikkurilan SBT. 

Thanks to my travelling partners a great weekend was had by all.


The Nanango and District All Breeds Kennel Club 
Championship Show, 9th April

What a fantastic day Leon & Opal (Taino Dancing Butterfly) had at Nanango Championship Show, while the rest of the Team were in Canberra. Leon showed Opal to her Australian Title under Judge Mrs D Duffin (VIC) not only did Opal receive the necessary points she also received

This is Barney's (Taino Painted Cheif) first daughter to gain her Title, and our second home bred champion.



Championship Show, 20th March

What a FANTASTIC day for Team Taino at the Murgon Show. Barney showed himself like the champion that he is, winning RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW under Judge Mr D McGreevy (Qld). 



In doing so Barney also won Open In Show.

Our up and coming youngster Taino Hawkeye (Israel) was awarded Reserve Dog Challenge and Minor In Group.

Taino Dancing Butterfly (Opal) won Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best Of Breed.

Little Tornado......Taino Wind Dancer (Jaspa) won her Minor Puppy Bitch Class. 

We would like to thank Judge Mr D McGreevy for thinking so highly of our Staffords.   

Burnett Kennel Club Inc
Championship Show, 16 January

Opal (Taino Dancing Butterfly) showed herself to perfection being awarded Bitch Challenge, Runner Up Best Of Breed and Intermediate in Group, under Judge Ms C Cedergreen from New Zealand.

Israel (Taino Hawkeye) and Peppa (Taino Dances With Wolves) both won their Baby Puppy Classes, with Israel beating his sister to win Baby Puppy of Breed.

Championship Show, 17 January 

Under Judge Mrs J Boyd (NZ), Opal repeated the performance once again winning Bitch Challenge. Barney took out the
Open Class, Reserve Dog Challenge and Runner Up Best Of Breed.

 Israel, Peppa and Jaspa had their last show in Baby Puppy. Israel and Peppa again both won their classes but this time Peppa was awarded Baby Puppy of Breed. Jaspa (Taino Wind Dancer) once again finished 2nd to her sister.


After a break over Christmas and New Year, Team Taino started the year in fantastic form.......

Darling Downs Kennel Club Inc
Championship Show, 9th January

Barney had a great start to the year winning Best Of Breed under Judge Mr T Syme (Vic).....

Opal (Taino Dancing Butterfly) showed herself like the true lady that she is, winning her class and then Reserve Challenge Bitch

Our babies ventured out for a great weekend of camping and showing.....they love the social scene

Israel (Taino Hawkeye)
Jaspa ( Taino Wind Dancer)
Peppa ( Taino Dances With Wolves)

The babies all had their share of swaping the winnings over the weekend....



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